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I've put this page together with some of my favourite short surf videos.

This video is a short film narrated by Mickey Smith. The film is filled with beautiful images, but the moving aspect of this documentary is Smith's narration. His celtic accent is thick and adds to the narration's poinance. Here are a few quotes within his narration that I found particularly moving:

"I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively and to push the scope of my experience for adventure and passion."

"I want to see wave riding documented the way I see it in my head and the way I feel it in the sea. It's a strange set of skills to begin to acquire and it's only achievable with time spent riding waves, all sorts of waves."

"If I only scrape a living, at least it's a living worth scraping.”

This video is at Cloudbreak in Fiji. Billabong rider David Scard paddles into a wave that should be only the domain of tow-in. How he paddled into this wave, I do not know. At the beginning of the video is a sick wipeout.

This surf video pick is of Rob Machado. This guy is so cool and watching this video and his attitude just about being out in the water will make you want to grab your surfboard and get out in the water.

Kelly Slater won his 10th ASP World Title in Puerto Rico in November 2010. This final contest was the one that Andy Irons had to pull out of at the last minute because he was very ill and ended up passing away in Dallas on his way to be home with his family in Hawaii.
Kelly Slater cemented his place in the surfing history books with this win marking his 10th World Title.

November 3, 2010 - Andy Irons died yesterday. I am very saddened by the news of his death and my thoughts and condolences go out to his family. Andy's wife is expecting their first child to be born in December. How incredibly sad. Andy Irons was ill with Dengue Fever and was trying to get home to Hawaii at the time of his death. He passed away in a hotel in Dallas Fort/Worth. Billabong posted this video on their website in tribute to Andy today.

I love surfing in Pavones, Costa Rica and it is about time I added a surf video to this page of this excellent surf spot. Pavones is located on the Pacific Coast in the south on the other side of the bay from the Osa Peninsula, near the border of Panama. Pavones is known as one of the longest and best left point breaks in the world. In this one, Robby Naish surfs over 1 kilometer!.

This is Shane Dorian's first visit to Mavericks in California. It's hard to believe it was his very first time. He owned the place, catching two barrels on his first day. People who are familar with Mavericks find it hard to come up with a comparison. The very next day after the filming of this video, Dorian almost lost his life while riding a similar wave (estimates are 50 -60 feet on the face of the wave). Half way down the drop he lost his footing and did a face plant.  He endured a two wave hold down and was dragged under the water 200 meters.  He was under so long he came close to blacking out. He came up near the rocks and probably owes his life to the jet ski driver Frank Quirarte.

This is Laird Hamilton surfing Teahupo'o. He is considered the best big wave rider in the world by many people. It can be argued that Shane Dorian is giving him a run for his money.  If you like this video you've got to watch the 2003 documentary by Dana Brown, "Step Into Liquid". It's my favourite surfing documentary. It is full of awesome big wave rides. The video and the sounds in this movie make it highly worthy of owning.  It's written and directed by Dana Brown, his father created the surf documentary "Endless Summer" way back in 1966 and it launched the idea of surfing in far off places into the minds of everyday surfers.  The video below of Laird Hamilton surfing Teahupo'o is in the film Riding Giants. I just watched Riding Giants again and I would have to rank it as a tie with Step Into Liquid as my favorite surf doc.

This is by Surfer Girl Kauai.  I like the perspective of the filming. For anyone looking for surf video demonstrations on cutback and bottom turn maneuvers, this video gives a great lesson on how to perform the cutback and bottom turn.

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