Surfing Videos For Kids

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We've put together a collection of surf videos for kids. Some of the surfing videos are silly, like surfing sheep, and other videos should be inspirational to kids learning to surf. There are some great videos of kids surfing waves.

We also have a surfing video section on the website that has our weekly pick. There is an instructional surfing videos section of the site where you can see videos demonstrating surfing skills such as paddling, how to pop-up, bottom turns etc.  Ready to learn to surf?  Then check out SURFhow's free online surf lessons.

This video is in Pavones, Costa Rica. The surfer is 8 year old Leilani, who lives and surfs in Pavones. Located in southwestern Costa Rica, Pavones is known as one of the longest lefts in the world.

We're going to stick with the surfing animals theme.  In the previous surf video, we posted surfing sheep, before that it was surfing rodents. This time we bring you "Buddy" the surfing dog.

Brace yourself for ..........surfing sheep.

These surfing mice get some great rides, one of them catches an awesome right. It's called Radical Rodents, and I agree these surfing rodents are definately radical.  I wonder who made the little surfboards. It has to be a record for the worlds smallest shortboard that has caught waves.

This video is of an eleven year old surfer in surfing in Costa Rica at Playa Grande.

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