Types of Surfboards

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Surfboards over the years have developed into three main types: shortboards, funboards (mini mals) and longboards.  You then can break it down into three types of materials: epoxy, fiberglass or soft top.

What is a Shortboard Surfboard?

The most common size of surfboard. From 5 to 7 feet long. Shortboards are thin and streamlined and have an abrupt rise in the nose, which is known as kick. Shortboards provide maximum maneuverability. Board thickness plays a big part in the buoyancy of a surfboard. If you are a bigger guy and want to surf a shortboard you can do it, with a board that is somewhere in the region of 2 3/4 to 3 inches in thickness. Don't confuse buoyancy with stability and paddling speed. Longboards and funboards are the better choice for beginners..

example of a shortboard surfboard

What is a Funboard?

Funboards are also known as Mini Mals and Hybrids. Typically a funboard will be between 6.5 and 8 feet long. A funboard combines the characteristics of shortboards and longboards. It is thicker than a shortboard, has the easy paddling of a longboard with more maneuverability than you get on a longboard.

example of a funboard surfboard

What is a Longboard?

Longboards are also known as Malibu Surfboards From 8 to 12 feet long. The traditional longboard will have a rounded nose, straight mid-section and wide tail. Easy paddling longboards provide the surfer with long graceful rides. It used to be that you would see longboards with just a single fin set up, but now you will see many longboards with a tri-fin set up.

example of a longboard surfboard

Beautiful Bamboo Deck Rapidfire Surfboards

Firewire have built a beautiful bamboo surfboard with performance with these bamboo deck Rapidfire surfboards. A hybrid surfboard combining their Direct Drive carbon rod suspension with a bamboo top deck skin. You get an awesomely tuned board that is more durable than traditional PU surfboards.

Fiberglass Surfboard or Epoxy Surfboard - Which One is Better?

Okay, this is one of the harder questions to answer. There are so many different opinions.  This topic is quite broad and needs a page of its own to discuss the pros and cons. Fiberglass or Epoxy Surfboards - Which is Best?

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