Surfboard Straps

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FCS Tie Down Straps

FCS is one of the leaders in surfboard rack pads and tie downs. You have a choice in tie-downs with FCS, you can choose from the FCS D-Ring Buckle or the Cam Lock System. Don't confuse the Cam Lock with a locking surfboard strap. The cam lock is the method for securing the straps to the vehicle so that they do not slip while transporting surfboards. SteelCore make locking surfboard straps which are further down this page. FCS also offer a choice in strap quality with the standard 25 mm webbing or the premium 38 mm webbing.

Amazon carry both FCS styles. You can purchase with confidence when you buy from Amazon. You are getting the best price online and the confidence of buying from a reputable online store in Amazon.

Best Prices on Surfboard Straps From Amazon

FCS Premium Tie Down Straps - 13ft

  • Premium 38 mm nylon webbing

  • D-Ring Buckle

  • Each strap is 400 cm / 13 ft long

  • Carry case with velcro closure

  • FCS Cam Lock Range Tie Down Straps

  • Metal Cam Lock System.

  • Cam Lock encased in neoprene sleeve

  • Two straps, each is 400 cm / 13 ft long

  • 25mm nylon webbing

  • Carry case with velcro closure

  • Dakine

    Dakine, well regarded in the surf community for their excellent surfboard bags, also make excellent quality rack pads and surfboard straps. You've got 3 choices with Dakine's straps. The toughest of the bunch are the Baja Tie Downs with heavy duty 1 3/8" cam buckles encased in a neoprene housing to protect your boards.

    Dakine Baja Tie Down Straps - 12'

  • Heavy Duty 1 3/8" Cam Buckle

  • Buckle housing encased in neoprene

  • Two straps, each is 12 feet long

  • Carry case

  • Dakine Tie Down Straps

  • 2 Sets to choose from -
  • The set of 2 - 12 foot straps or
  • The 20 foot single strap
  • Heavy Duty 1" Cam Buckle

  • Buckle housing encased in neoprene

  • When you choose this item, you pick between a set with 2 - 12 foot straps, or one 20 foot strap.

  • Carry case

  • SteelCore Security Surfboard Tie Downs

    Nothing keeps your surfboards more secure than SteelCore's security tie downs. Made in the USA and built to last, Steelcore has the following features:

  • Weather resistant stainless steel cam lock
  • Buckle - Hardened Aircraft Aluminum
  • Strap - Thick polypropolyne webbing with cut resistand steel aircraft cable core.
  • Each set comes with two locking tie down straps

  • Block Surf Surfboard Straps

    Block Surf 15' Surfboard Tie-Down Straps

  • Corrosion proof heavy duty aluminum buckles

  • Buckle pad to protect surfboards

  • Two long 15 foot straps per set

  • Carry case

  • How to Use the FCS D Ring Buckles

    The FCS D Ring Buckle is a great system for securing your surfboards and when you do it the way they are designed, the straps will not slip and your boards will be secure. This is a video from Youtube demonstrating the correct way to fasten with the D-ring buckle.