Surfboard Stickers

Whether for your car, bedroom, notebook or surfboard there are many different types of surf stickers to choose from. If you are getting surfboard stickers to put on your car bumper or board, you'll want to get good quality decals. Shop with confidence, you know you are getting the best prices and fast shipping when you buy through Amazon.

Surf Decals

More durable than stickers, decals are the way to go if you're gonna put these on your car or board. Look for ones that are vinyl and weather resistant.

Hawaiian Themed Decals

Surfer Girl


Buy Volcom, Lost, Billabong, Rip Curl & Roxy decals here.

Father and Son

Surfing For Life

Surf Stickers

When purchasing surf stickers, bare in mind that these are designed more for notebooks, the bedroom or other indoor use. Some of the stickers are printed on vinyl but most are paper and will not stand up to the elements. If you are wanting to apply a graphic to your car or surfboard, you will need to choose vinyl decals which are designed for exposure to water and will hold up much longer.

Wall Stickers

These peel and stick wall stickers are re-usable and washable. They are great for surfaces that are not smooth. Textured walls ... no problem. Because they are re-usable, they won't leave a residue so they're good for sticking on furniture.

How To Put A Sticker On A Surfboard

  • First things first, paper stickers won't last, make sure you use vinyl stickers.
  • Make sure the area you are putting the decal is completely clean. This means removing all the wax from the area and I mean all of it.
  • When putting on the decal, be very careful to remove any air bubbles as you are applying.
  • Pay attention that the edges of the decal are rubbed down hard and no air (water) will get in under the edges.

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Ben Marcus has put together a great book packed with info and images on the history of surfboard stickers, titled "Graphic Surf: Decals, Patches, Stickers". He has gathered over 1,250 graphic designs that will inform collectors and provide artists with inspiration. Ben Marcus a veteran surf enthusiast and this is a wonderful exhibition obtained from private collections and institutions.

The book presents images from before 1920 up to present day. You'll find images from the name brands of surfing, surf shops and beaches from Hawaii, Mexico, Florida and California.

Surfing Accessories

Personalize Your Board With Your Own Creation

Your board is a blank canvas. Learn to airbrush your own designs with this DVD. Note: the description in Amazon refers to this as a tape, but it is a DVD.