Surf Travel and Medical Insurance

Part of the excitement of surfing is the element of risk. You are out there feeling the raw power of the ocean. The feeling of riding a wave is one of the greatest joys of being alive. With this in mind, one of the most important things you can plan before heading out on your vacation is surf travel insurance. Medical insurance as part of the travel insurance package is essential.

I travel most of the year and having insurance gives me peace of mind that if something should happen to me, it's not going to put a financial strain on my family. It is important to make sure you consider the optional sports rider, which gives you coverage for what insurance companies consider sports that exposes the insured to higher risk of injury. If anyone traveling with you will not be surfing or engaging in other "risky sports", simply do not select the sports rider for their coverage. You can usually pick and choose who has this optional coverage.

Look For These Coverage Options In Your Surf Travel & Medical Insurance Policy:

surf insurance options Lost Checked Luggage (make sure it's not subject to a deductible)
surf insurance options Trip Interuption Coverage
surf insurance options Emergency Medical Evacuation
surf insurance options Emergency Reunion - pays for a relative to visit in event of emergency medical
surf insurance options Emergency Dental (what if a surfboard hits you in the chops)
surf insurance options Accidental Death & Dismemberment
surf insurance options Political Evacuation - in the event of a US travel warning

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