Soft Surf Fins For Safer Surfing

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Soft Fins On Your Surfboard - Perfect For Beginners

When you are learning to surf, one of the main hazards is getting hit or hitting someone else with your surfboard. Beginner surfers will frequently ride their surfboard very close to shore. This increases the chances of hitting another swimmer or running your surf fins up onto the sand. One frequent thing that happens near the shorebreak is that the beginning surfer finishes their ride and will be standing in the shallow water when a breaking wave sends the surfboard flying in their direction.

Something you can do to reduce the risk of injury is to put a set of soft fins on your surfboard. This is particularly important if kids will be surfing with the surfboard. Young kids getting started out, may get turned off the sport if they should happen to get skegged by a fin. I've been skegged a few times in my life, if you've ever been hit by a fin, you know what I'm talking about.

There is a brand of soft surf fin manufactured by Surfco Hawaii. Their brand is called Pro Teck. The surf fins are compatible with the main surf fin systems in the world, most notably, FCS. This is important because almost all surfboards come with the FCS system of attaching the fins to your surfboard. Changing your existing fins over to the Pro Tech surf fins is very easy. The FCS fins on your surfboard are held in place with a couple of screws. All you do is unscrew the old fins and put on the new soft fins and you are good to go.

Pro Teck's Soft Surfboard Fins Will Fit The Following Fin Systems

FCS, Future, Lokbox, O'Fishl, Red X, BIC, NSP, Longboard Center Box

Soft Fin Surfboard Performance

Now you may be thinking that the surf fins are going to sacrifice too much in the way of performance if you switch over to the Pro Teck fins. You are not going to be sacrificing performance. In fact, if you are surfing with the standard set of fins that would have been included when you purchased your surfboard, you will likely be improving the performance of the surfboard. The Pro Teck fins have a soft leading edge and soft trailing edge. This allows water to flow smoother over the fins which causes less turbulence off the fins. The flexible edge will create a “rudder effect” as the pressure from the water bends the edges slightly which is responsible for more fluid turns. Here is a product brochure from Surfco Hawaii in PDF format if you'd like to see more details on their surf fins.

Reduce Surf Fin Injuries

In my opinion, the most important feature of these soft leading and trailing edge fins is that they are designed to reduce fin injuries. If you have a child who is wanting to learn to surf, putting a set of these fins on the surfboard will make the surfing experience safer. There are four styles of Pro Tech fins. The safest fin and the one most suitable for beginners is the Super Flex – Safety Fins.

The other three styles are the Carbon X Fins which are suitable for advanced surfers only; the Performance Fins which are suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers; the Power Flex Fins for intermediate to advanced level surfers.

The main difference between these fins is the core. The other 3 styles by Pro Teck have a medium to hard inner core with soft edges. The Super Flex fins have a soft core. They are for the surfer looking for a fun, easy to turn and forgiving fin. Forgiving in two ways. First, many new surfers will run the surfboard right up onto the sand. It makes me cringe every time I see it, but I understand. It's such a great feeling when you are standing on the surfboard, it's hard to cut the ride off. The flexibility of the fins, greatly reduces the chances of damage to the fins if they are run onto shore. The other forgiving part is that these softer fins will be much less likely to injure a surfer or other swimmer.

The Pro Teck brand may not be available where you live. If you are wanting to purchase a set of Pro Teck Fins, Amazon carry the fins. I've written up my opinion on the suitability of each of the fins next to each item. Hope this helps, and happy surfing.

Pro Teck Super Flex FCS Set - Set of Super Flex Fins for a tri-fin set up, suitable for shortboards, funboards or mini mals. Fins are 4.5 inches. Super Flex is the Pro Teck style that is the most flexible and safe fin for beginners. Fins are suitable for beginner to intermediate level surfers.

Pro Teck Super Flex Longboard Performance Fin. This soft longboard fin is available in two sizes. If you want to surf with a tri-fin set up on your longboard you can add two of side fins from the 4.5 inch Super Flex fins above. The fin comes with a unique plastic insert plate with a brass screw that allows the fin to break away if it hits a hard object. The fin is still held in place by the pinned back end of the fin. This safety design reduces injuries to you and the surf fin. Suitable for beginner to intermediate level surfers.

Pro Teck Power Flex 9 Inch Longboard Fin. If you want to surf with a tri-fin set up on your longboard you can add two of side fins from the 4.5 inch Pro Teck Power Flex fins above.

Pro Teck Power Flex 4.4" Fins for tri fin set ups on shortboards, funboards or minimals. These are a medium flex inner core so they don't have the total overall flexing like the Super Flex fins. The flexible trailing edge gives you fluid turns and continuous speed. These fins are suitable for intermediate to advanced level surfers. is a free online guide on learning how to surf. You may also be interested in our page on Softtop Surfboards. Thanks for visiting.

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