Locking Surfboard Racks

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Inno Locking Surfboard Rack

The two top brands in locking surfboard racks are INNO and SteelCore. Both brands offer excellent rack solutions for your car, pickup truck or SUV. Protect your surfboards when you have them stored on the top of your car or the back of your truck. Now you can stop for a bite to eat on your way back from the beach and not worry about someone ripping off your boards.

Surfboard Racks That Lock For Cars & SUV's

Inno Universal Mount Locking Surfboard Rack for Car, Truck or SUV
  • Designed to mount on existing crossbar racks, whether they are round or square crossbars.
  • The ratcheting mechanism ensures secure tightening.
  • No more tossing the straps back & forth from one side of the car to the other. Their "crane" system keeps the straps & buckles elevated to make for quick loading .
  • Rubber coated stainless steel straps
  • Carries 3 Shortboards or 2 Longboards
  • Includes Keys and Locks

  • Inno Universal Mount Locking Kayak, Canoe, and Surfboard Rack For Car, Truck or SUV
  • Like the Inno rack above, but will also hold a Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Mounts on existing crossbar racks, round or square crossbars.
  • The ratcheting mechanism ensures secure tightening.
  • Fast loading with the "crane" system.
  • Rubber coated stainless steel straps
  • Carries 3 Shortboards, 2 Longboards or 1 SUP
  • Includes Keys and Locks

  • SteelCore Security Surfboard Rack Pads w/Security Straps

  • Attaches to aero and after market car racks without disassembling them.
  • Locking Buckles
  • Cut resistant strap with steel inside the strapping.
  • Quick loading and tightening with buckle system.
  • Keys & Locks Included

  • SteelCore Security Surfboard Soft Racks

  • Stand alone surfboard rack. Does not need an existing car rack.
  • Pads go on roof and straps wrap through the car.
  • Steelcore rack comes with cut resistant inner steel core and key locking buckles.
  • Attach rack to your car in two minutes.
  • Works on all car and SUV roofs. Does not matter if the roof has a gutter.
  • Includes Keys & Locks

  • Locking Surfboard Straps

    Steelcore make three sizes of locking surfboard straps. Like all of their surfboard rack products, the straps feature cut resistant straps with a steel core. They feature weather resistant stainless steel cam locks. Includes 3 keys for the locking buckles. Comes with stuff bag and complete instructions. Now you can LOCK your surfboards securely to your existing surfboard rack with confidence.

    Surfboard Tailgate Racks For Trucks

    Pickup trucks are a great way to quickly load your surfboard and head to the beach. The two problems are keeping the surfboards from shifting in the bed of the truck, and the ease of theft when they are in the back of the pickup. The SteelCore Security Surfboard Tailgate rack solves both of those problems.

    SteelCore Security Surfboard Tailgate Rack
  • The only brand in the marketplace with a locking tailgate rack for your surfboard
  • Cut resistant straps with an inner steel core.
  • Straps will hold up well - made from high quality marine fabrics
  • Locking weather resistant buckles with keys
  • Easy installation, installs in minutes.
  • Super quick securing & loading
  • Learn How to Surf with SURFhow.com, a free online guide to surfing.

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