Instructional Surfing Videos

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We've searched through Youtube to find the best instructional surfing videos. Below you will find free videos with lessons on how to surf. You will learn: how to paddle, your surf stance, how to pop up, how to catch a wave, making the bottom turn and cutbacks. Be sure to check out our other two video sections on the website. One is our weekly pick of great surf videos. The other video section is geared for kids. 

How to Surf Video - How to Pop Up on a Surfboard

Sometimes you'll hear this term as "jump up" on a surfboard. No matter what you call it learning how to pop up quickly on a surfboard is very important. One of the three most important aspects of surfing in my opinion. The other two being paddling and surf stance.

This video is more of an intermediate surf lesson. If you aren't there yet, I still would recommend watching the video as it will give you some food for thought as you begin to improve with your surfing skills. The surf video explains the difference between angling your surfboard and carving with your surfboard.

How to Surf The Face of a Wave

In this video surf lesson, you'll learn how to paddle and catch unbroken waves. It is one of best discussions and video demonstrations on how to avoid pearling or nose diving on a surfboard. One of the biggest hurdles for surfers as they advance from riding in the whitewater to trying to learn how to surf unbroken waves is where to position themselves and the importance of paddling hard for the wave. In the video at the 6 1/2 minute mark you will see some surfers paddling and catching some awfully big waves. Don't let that freak you out, those are very experienced surfers catching some serious waves.

This video is shot from an adjacent surfboard and gives great visuals on bottom turns and cutbacks. If you've ever seen Endless Summer, the surf documentary, this opening shot looking out from the level of the surfboard is almost identical to a shot from about the 3:30 minute mark of the documentary. Watch this video to learn how to perform a bottom turn on a surfboard and how to cutback on a surfboard.

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