Top Ten List of Surf Spots Around the World

There are so many great surfing spots to travel to around the world. Coming up with a list of the top ten surf spots in the world was a fun and engaging task.  After many discussions with friends about the great surf spots around the world, we came up with our list of the top 10 surf spots in the world with videos of each surf location.

  • #10 Surfer's Point, Margaret River, Australia

Surfer's Point is in Western Australia. The break here is a long way out and is not for the faint of heart. The waves can get up to 20 feet. The water temperature dips as low as 16 degrees. Despite the fact that it is for experienced surfers, it can get crowded.

  • #9 Mundaka, Spain

Located in the Bay of Biscay, the surf break at Mundaka is a goofy foot's dream.  Mundaka is a barrel producing machine. Rides inside the tube can be 5 to 10 seconds long. If this doesn't sound like much, start counting and imagine being in a barrel that long. The surf break is produced over a sand bottom, but it breaks like a reef.

  • #8 Macaronis - Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

The Mentawai Islands are located 120 km's off of Indonesia's largest island, Sumatra. The Maentawai Islands offer some of the best and most consistent waves in the world. The break known as Macaroni's tops the list here, but there are amazing breaks throughout the islands. |Boat charters take groups of surfers out for about 10 days. They know the breaks and this area offers every type of ride imaginable. Lefts, rights, point breaks, tubes, big waves and open shoulders. You name it, the Mentawai Islands have something for every surfer. The best months to surf the Mentawais are from March to November.

  • #7 Surfrider - Malibu, California. This video is vintage Miki Dora.

How can a top ten list not include Surfrider in Malibu.  Yes I know it's crowded, but the waves here, though small are one of the best small wave rights in the world. It's also the place where surfing was introduced to the world, and the focal point of Southern California surf culture.

  • #6 El Salvador - Punta Roca - Get there before it gets crowded.

The town of La Libertad is only 40 km's from the nations capital San Salvador, making it easy to access from the airport. The best surf break here is Punta Roca in La Libertad, but there are at least a dozen other excellent surf breaks within an hour of La Libertad.

  • #5 Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii

Most surfers agree, Banzai Pipeline was first ridden in 1961 by Phil Edwards. This is the wave that other waves are measured by. There are three reefs that Pipeline breaks over, depending on swell size. They have the rather uncreative names of First Reef, Second Reef and Third Reef.  Third Reef really only gets going at 20 feet, so it is rarely surfed. Greg Noll is famous for his 1964 ride on a huge wave out on Third Reef.

  • #4 Supertubes Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey's Bay got discovered by the global surf scene in the 1960's. J'Bay produces some of the best waves in the world.  Rides here can be as long as 800 meters. The best time to surf at Jeffrey's Bay is in the months of June, July and August, but swells do hit the bay between April and September.

  • #3 Teahupo'o Tahiti.

This is not the place for beginners. Heck it isn't a place for good surfers. You've got to be top of the heap to surf at Teahupo'o.  This is the home of the heaviest wave in the world. With some of the great video's that have been shot here it would be easy to assume that the waves are flawless barrels. This is one scary, yet incredible wave. It has been given a place in the top 10 surf spots in the world because it is so incredible, but you have to be one of surfing's elite to surf this wave. It is absolute beauty to watch a well ridden wave at Teahupo'o.  For 99% of us, it is armchair surfing when it comes to this wave.

  • #2 Pavones, Costa Rica.

When it is firing, this is an awesome left point break on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. I first became aware of Pavones when reading a book called "In Search of Captain Zero" by Allan Weisbecker. His description of the "left" he caught was so well written that I couldn't get the idea of riding Pavones out of my head. At the time, I was living in Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. A far cry from the warm tropical waters of southern Costa Rica. Flash forward 8 years and I'm staying part of the year, just a three hour drive up the coast from Pavones. It was that description of the ride Weisbecker had that has made Pavones reputation as one of the longest left's in the world. I know it is the place where I have had the longest rides in my life.  The town is still just a small village, but there are plenty of places to stay to fit every travelers budget. The best months to come to Pavones for the best waves are between April and October.

  • #1 Tavarua, Fiji - Restaurants or Cloudbank - take your pick.

In recent years, much has been written about Tavarua. Simply amazing.

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