Bicycle Surfboard Racks

Surfing is such a pure and natural experience, it's just you and your surfboard out in the water. Surfing puts you in touch with nature. Experienced surfers commonly refer to this aspect of surfing as one of the things they love about surfing. Probably what you love about surfing is the same thing that would make you decide to carry your surfboard on your bike without the need of a car or truck.

We take a look at the top bike surfboard carrier racks on the market. With a review of mounting styles, weight, prices, ease of use and surfboard stability. All of these bicycle surfboard racks that are reviewed are designed to fit on almost all bicycle styles.

Bicycle Surfboard Rack Review

The Huntington Surfboard Bike Rack by Block Surf is the lowest priced option available in the bicycle surfboard racks. Weighing in under 6 pounds the mounting style of this surfboard rack is a rear mount with the surfboard being carried at an approximate 45 degree angle behind the rider. Stability is an issue with this rack design. The surfboard can wobble around a little. If you are going fairly short distances with your surfboard attached to the bicycle it may be appropriate because of its lower cost. The straps can leave a mark on your surfboard, so I recommend wrapping your surfboard in a towel where the surfboard is strapped to the bike rack.

The Block Surf Side Ride Surfboard Bike Rack mounts to your bicycle in a side saddle fashion. The weight of the rack is under 6 pounds. The hooks are about 12 inches to give your surfboard a good secure mount. When mounting the hooks to your bike, the most important thing is to get the hooks fairly level and make sure you securely screw the rack system to your bicycle. The side saddle mounting system provides better stability and is recommended over the Huntington Surfboard Bike Rack if you are bicycling longer distances with the surfboard.

Carver Bicycle Surfboard Rack Max. This all aluminum construction is Carvers heaviest duty bike surfboard rack. It weighs under 8 pounds. This item qualifies for Free Super Saver Shipping. The rack mounts to your seat post and pretty much fits every bicycle out there (if you're into details, it mounts onto seat posts anywhere from 25mm to 32 mm, which is almost all bikes). The surfboard is mounted in a side saddle fashion, providing good surfboard stability. Surfboards up to 10 feet long can be transported on this Carver bike rack. The design protects both your bike frame and your surfboard. If you are looking for the best surfboard bike rack in the market, look no further, this is the best.

The Carver Bicycle Surfboard Rack Mini. Like the Carver Max, this item qualifies for Free Super Saver Shipping. If weight is one of your primary concerns, this rack weighs less than 4 pounds. This is the lightest weight of all the bike surfboard racks. Don't let the light weight fool you, this is a strong product and is all aluminum construction. This means it will not rust. It is smaller and will handle surfboards up to 8 feet in length. The surfboard rack mounts to your seat post and fits all posts 25mm to 32 mm in width which is just about every bicycle. The surfboard bike rack is a side mount design providing good surfboard stability.If you do not plan to transport a longboard on your bicycle, you can save a few dollars by buying this rack instead of the Carver Max surfboard rack. You can carry shortboards and funboards (mini mals) up to eight feet in length. is a free online surf tutorial to learn how to surf. There is a section on learning to surf for beginners as well as a section with Intermediate Surf tips.

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